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    Satyricon nuevo album para 2011


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    Satyricon nuevo album para 2011

    Mensaje  Maiden el Vie Oct 15, 2010 12:20 pm

    Close to a year ago, Satyricon announced they were taking a short break. Well, the band's hibernation is now over. Moreover, Satyricon announced today they will start working on a new record any time soon. Here's the full message:

    "Our off year is coming to an end and in a few months time we will start writing for a new album. We are feeling fresh and charged. In 2011 we will re-release all albums from the nineties with updated art work and re-mastering where it is needed. There might even be some interesting shows to go with it!

    Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to visit Russia with The Age Of Nero, until now that is. Therefore we are pleased to announce shows in St Petersburg and Moscow in December."


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